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Vertical Up Kitzbuehel is an great race on the Hahnenkamm Hill for crazy people intent on proving their Fitness 860m Vertical Events

Vertical Up Kitzbuehel – No details of race for 2021

Streif Vertical Up – Kitzbühel

Vertical Up Kitzbuehel

The legendary sporting mecca, Kitzbühel, is the home / adopted home / training center and retreat for countless sports figures, alpine and cross-country skiers, triathletes, runners, mountain bikers, road bikers, ski tourers, mountaineers, and many others – but some sportsmen and -women are the most legendary and fastest of them all, participants in the STREIF VERTICAL UP Kitzbuehel.

The goal of the STREIF VERTICAL UP Kitzbuehel is to conquer the original “Streif”, which spans 3,312 meters and 860 vertical meters, vertically and as quickly as possible.

The “kicker” to the whole story is the rules – in fact, there are none!

The choice of equipment is open so long as everything is powered by your own muscles (no motors), as is the choice of route, on the Streif (“Speed Division”) or on the “Family Streif” (“Rucksack Division)!

  • Runners with spikes have an advantage, just as long as the course is hard and provides a firm grip …
  • Cross-country skiers using skins have an advantage, but without the right technique   …
  • Ski mountaineers / ski tourers have an advantage, but can they eke out enough of an advantage when they come to steeper terrain …
  • Racers on snowshoes and crampons: have an advantage, but can they convert that into speed on flatter ground …
Vertical Up Kitzbuehel


Vertical Up Kitzbuehel

Quick Facts

Date: Saturday 29th February 2020, 6:30 p.m.

Divisions: “Speed Division” and “Rucksack Division”

Course Name: Streif or Family Streif (Rucksack Division)

Starting elevation: 805 m

Finishing elevation: 1665 m

Elevation gain: 860 vertical meters (click to view the elevation profile)

Course length: 3,312 m

Average gradient: 27 %

Max./Min. gradient: 85 % / 2 %

Lighting: head lights, while the course hotspots are well illuminated

Suggested equipment: touring skis, cross-country skis, running shoes with spikes, crampons, snowshoes, ski poles, barefoot,…

Current course records:

  • M: Christian Hoffmann, AUT, 0:30:29,1 (2016)
  • W: Andrea Mayr, AUT, 0:39:41 (2014)
Vertical Up Kitzbuehel

Vertical Up Kitzbuehel

Division & Prizes

Speed Division – Powered by Raiffeisen Bank Kitzbühel

This division is the ultimate discipline in the STREIF VERTICAL UP!

Each athlete takes on the original, legendary Streif ski run as quickly as possible, with a free choice of equipment. Everything is allowed, as long as racers use nothing but the strength of their own muscles.

Sub-Divisions: men’s/women’s

Timekeeping and official standings: YES

Prizes: 1500 € purse each for men’s/women’s divisions / gift certificates, starter package

1st Place € 500

2nd Place € 350

3rd Place € 200

4th Place € 140

5th Place € 100

6th Place € 70

Rucksack Division – Powered by Suunto

This division is the most fun competition in the STREIF VERTICAL UP Kitzbuehel !

Each participant gets to take on the Family Streif Vertical Up at their own tempo, using whatever equipment they prefer.

Only condition: They must carry a rucksack incl. contents (or however much is left over) all the way to the finish line. The rucksack contains the starter package.

Timekeeping and official standings: timekeeping only, final results are posted alphabetically. Winners are those participants who finish closest to the average time clocked by all starters!

Prizes: Starter Package incl. rucksack contents
This year, once again, there will be a super grand prize! (in recent years: a weekend of ski touring or mountain biking, 2 nights for 2 people at a 4**** hotel)

District “Hogmoar” Winner – Powered by Gerberei Niederkofler

Who is the fastest in the Speed Division from the Kitzbühel district? – Who will be crowned Vertical Up Hogmoar 2017? Win coupons for Niederkofler (1-2-3 M/W) and enjoy the honor of boasting the one, the only title of VerticalUp-Hogmoar-Ranzen (1st place M/W). Requirement: must be a permanent resident of Kitzbühel


Team/club with the most starters in the entire field wins € 500 in cash.

Best-Dressed Competition

Participants with the most original costumes receive a great prize: Bergzeit coupons, Huber Zwickl beer, ….
Important: All participants who wish to be considered in the final results have to register at the race office by no later than 5 p.m. on Saturday!

Information for Participants

Start numbers/starter packages can be picked up on Friday from 5 – 7 p.m. and Saturday from 2 – 5 p.m.!

Please be sure to bring your registration confirmation incl. barcode and liability disclaimer to check-in!

Race office: Friday 28.02. 5 – 7 p.m., Saturday 29.02. 2 – 5 p.m.; K3 Kitz Kongress – Hahnenkamm-Bahn;

Results list: You can track results live on the Internet – Times appear immediately after crossing the finish! –> LIVE TIMEKEEPING

Timekeeping chip: all-Inclusive – total cost is included in the entry fee!
The chip is integrated into the actual starting number. IMPORTANT: Don’t mistake your starting number for a luggage tag!!!

Required Equipment:

  • Head light (the most important sections of the course are lit up)
  • Helmet
  • Rucksack (for the “Rucksack Division”)
  • We expressly recommend wearing a safety helmet (especially in the “Speed Division”) – helmets are available to borrow (in the race office)
  • Optional: Snowline spikes can be purchased at a discount price of EUR 40 from the race office

Starter Package: We are again putting together a great starter package for all race entrants. You are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised!

Arrival:Train-Timetable Trainstation “Hahnenkamm” next to the race office K3,  click to go to the route planner – parking is available right at the Ganslern chairlift, Pfarrau car park, or at the Hahnenkamm lift

Spectators/Support Personnel: please refer to “Spectator info”

Race briefing: 6:15 p.m. in the starting area, mandatory attendance.

Vertical Up Kitzbuehel

Luggage transportation:

  • Leave bags by no later than 5 p.m. in front of the Hahnenkamm Cablecar
  • Distributed at the Hahnenkamm-Bahn top station
  • Property must be identified by a tag/number from the starter package (not liable for damage/loss)
  • Please do not hang anything on the outside of the rucksack!

Start: 6:30 p.m. right next to the Hahnenkamm finish house

Courses: “Speed Division” – original Streif (red) – compulsory, “Rucksack Division” – family Streif (yellow) – recommended
KMZ file for Google Earth

Athlete Refreshments: 

  • Seidlalm refreshment station: tea
  • In the finish area (at the teepee tent): Red Bull and tea
  • Please separate the food & drink ticket from your luggage tag!

Phone number for the race office: 0664 7644008 (call if you give up/drop out of the race early)

Changing clothes: at the Hahnenkamm-Bahn top station

Prize ceremony: ca. 9:30 p.m. at the K3 Kitz Kongress (attendance required! – prizes will only be awarded to those who are present)

Ride down the mountain: only on the Hahnenkamm lift – last lift departs at 09:00 p.m. (free for all participants) – Returning to the valley on skis or using other sporting equipment is strictly prohibited and will result in a life-long ban from the VerticalUp!

NO REFUND If the event will be canceled we cannot do any refunds!

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Highlights for spectators

  • Special lift fare for this evening € 15,00 per person (round trip) available directly at the Hahnenkamm ticket window
  • Season passes are accepted!!!
  • Lift runs up the mountain from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. Last ride down is at 09:00 p.m.
  • Always on top of the action with the help of our emcee Bernd Krainbucher
  • Start: Red Bull Restaurant 6:30 p.m.with a volley fired by the local folk-costume group along with a “torchlight cordon” provided by the children of Kitzbühel Ski Club, Triathlon, HS Kitzbühel,…
  • Hot spots for spectators: Red Bull House, Mousetrap, Hahnenkamm start house
  • Prizes awarded at K3 Kitz Kongress beginning at about 9:30 p.m.
  • Free parking right by the Ganslern chairlift – check out the route planner – or Pfarrau car park – parking also available at the Hahnenkamm lift

PLEASE NOTE!! The first athletes are expected at the finish at around 7 p.m.


4 p.m. –
9 p.m.
Lift rides up the mountain for support personnel & spectators (no lift service up the mountain between 5 and 5:45 p.m.)Mountain lifts
6.30 p.m.Start of both race divisionsStart area
7.00 p.m.Racers in the 1st Speed Division begin to arriveFinish area
9.30 – 10 p.m.Prize ceremonyK3 KitzKongress
9.00 p.m.Last lift ride down the valleyMountain lifts


What originally began as a crazy idea amongst a few friends in December 2010, has since developed into an exciting event that has made quite a name for itself, now enjoying an ever greater cult following.

Even at the first edition of the VERTICAL UP back in 2011, 191 racers from 4 nations lined up at the start. In 2012 we boasted 333 racers, while in February 2013 we were privileged to welcome 429 starters from 17 different countries. In 2014, the Streif Vertical Up once again saw amazing interest in those coveted starting positions. The 200 slots in the Speed Division were filled within 60 minutes, having to be expanded to 250. In total, almost 700 starters will be participating in the 4th Streif Vertical Up. In 2015 1.000 starters will be participanting the Streif Vertical Up.

This increase in starters just goes to show how athletes are growing steadily more excited by this event. Needless to say, our team is very proud to have gained such a good reputation within such a short period of time.

The OK-Team will, of course, continue to do its best to maintain and enhance the quality and unique spirit of the VERTICAL UP Kitzbuehel in future as well.

  • Dec. 2010 –  The idea of the “Streif Vertical Up Kitzbuehel” is born
  • 25.2.2011 –  1st Streif Vertical Up Kitzbuehel with 191 participants
  • 25.2.2012 –  2nd Streif Vertical Up Kitzbuehel with 333 starters
  • 2012         –  The “Vertical Up Kitzbuehel” brand is trademarked
  • 23.2.2013 –  3rd Streif Vertical Up Kitzbuehel with 429 starters from 17 nations
  • 22.2.2014 –  4th Händlmaier Streif Vertical Up Kitzbuehel with 664 entrants
  • 28.2.2015– 5th Händlmaier Streif Vertical Up Kitzbuehel with 1.000 entrants
  • 27.2.2016 – 6th Händlmaier Streif Vertical Up Kitzbuehel


Registration starts: Autumn 2019
Registration Streif Vertical Up

Registration deadline: Sunday, 23.02. at 8 p.m.


  • LimitSpeed Division: 400 starters
  • LimitRucksack Division: ca. 600 starters
  • the registration fee cannot be refunded !

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